Color – Defined as a visual perception, this 5 letter word holds so much power in the psychological impact on our emotions and behavior when it comes to website design, user experience and conversion.

Color “sets the tone” (pun intended) for your online brand. They have the power to make your customers feel calm, safe, excited, eager and all the other emotions that humans can feel.

Choosing Colors For Your Website

When choosing a color palette for your website, it is essential that you follow the basic principles of color theory, as well as choose a color combo that will fancy your target demographic.

Is your ideal customer a 65 year old male in the real estate industry? Then you probably want to stay away from bright purple and hot pink – although that would be a colorful niche group of people!

There’s So Many Colors! Where to Begin?

Finding a harmonious palette of colors usually begins with your logo as the centerpoint and inspiration for all the other colors to come.

Is your logo playful and bright?

Or is it simple, and corporate?

Identifying these aspects of your logo in the beginning stems the next phase of choosing your color scheme for the rest of your website.


Once you have the first color of your palette chosen, you can begin looking at other colors to add. It is easier to understand color theory when looking at a color wheel – a circle segmented into the different spectrums between primary and secondary colors. If you’ve started with a muted color, then you should think about adding in a brighter color to POP out for your more important messages and buttons on your website.

How Many Colors Is Too Many?

NONE. (Says the girl with blue hair). Just Kidding! (Not about the hair). It is easy to get carried away and start adding different colors as you see fit, but it is important to stay consistent throughout your website. Once your color palette has been chosen, run with it.

What Feelings & Emotions Do Colors Evoke?

Below we have listed the main emotions & ideas that are associated with specific colors.


Excitement, Love, Hunger, Danger, Anger


Cheerfulness, Friendliness, Creativity


Happiness, Joy, Caution


Nature, Food, Healing, Money


Peace, Trust, Professionalism, Tranquility


Power, Royalty, Luxury


Femininity, Care, Nurturing


Sophistication, Boldness, Power


Cleanliness, Purity, Innocence

It is important to consider the above information when designing and developing a website.

Are you a lawyer that handles wrongful death cases?

You have to put yourself in the shoes of your ideal customer. The ideal customer of this particular segment of law deals with people that are frantic and wrongfully accused of an outlandish accusation or crime.

What would make you feel safe and calm if this was you?

A cool (blue) tone color pallette as opposed to black and red, would evoke a sense of trust and security making your ideal customer much more likely to pick up the phone and call you, or in other words, convert.

Colors are so much more than just a beautiful array of hex codes on a website. They hold the underlying impact and overall emotions of how people engage and react to your online brand.

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