Understanding the Importance of Minimalism in Website Design

Understanding all of the necessary elements of a website, a website designer must take into account every characteristic that impacts the user experience and content of the website. Accomplishing all of this with a minimalistic approach is one that doesn’t over crowd your website and lets the user glide through with a simple and clean experience.

By definition, a website design strategy that is considered minimalistic is one that strives to simplify the interface and experience by leaving out unnecessary elements that don’t serve a huge level of importance.

So, What Does Minimalistic Website Design Really Mean?

Channeling a minimalistic web design experience is all about removing the clutter and leaving ONLY the utmost important elements. Think of it like spring cleaning for your website.

Let’s take Target, the retail brand, for example. You visit their website, and what is the first thing you see? If your answer is everything, then you already understand the concept of minimalism. There are too many elements crowding the space above the fold for the user to make a decision of where they want to go.

Target's Cluttered Website Design

As a business owner, you need to ask yourself two main questions about your business’s website:

  1. What do I want people to do on my website?
  2. Where do I want people to click?

These questions are something website designers and website developers are constantly thinking while building your site.

What is Considered ‘Not Necessary’ in Website Design?

It’s the holiday season, which is always one time of the year where retailers exercise many holiday sales. However, Target’s website is currently showing seven different elements, featuring a sale or promotion. By looking at this website with a minimalistic approach, there are six things too many.

From a minimalist perspective, where do Target’s website designers want you to click? What products does Target want you to buy? There are simply too many options, thus running the risk of lowering conversion rates because users have too many options and can have an overwhelming user experience.

Now, let’s look at Apple’s website—quite a difference. Apple is the king of minimalistic website design. The home page has only one element to click on. Not only does this let your eye focus on the actual product, it completely increases conversion by allowing the user to easily navigate to the page Apple wants you to click on.

Mac's Minimalistic Website Design

Visually, which one do you respond to more?  (Hint: we hope you chose Apple!)

As a business owner, you want to showcase your current sales, promotions, new products, company awards, etc. on the homepage of your website, but there are ways to do this without cluttering it. It’s easy to start stacking in the elements, but you must ask yourself those two questions again. This will help in prioritizing which elements make it on the home page, and which ones are added somewhere else.

Making Minimalism Fit Into Your Website Design Strategy

We understand that each company is different and has different goals in terms of a ‘conversion’. By practicing a more minimalistic website design experience your users will see a definitive trail to your conversion page, whether they realize it or not!

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