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Finding Inspiration: A Web Designer’s First Step

Web design principles are changing every day. This means that the ‘correct’ way to do something can only last for so long. The speed at which the industry changes makes templating almost impossible. For a true, custom, responsive website a designer must always be thinking forward and attempting to combat the coming changes and restraints in the medium of the Internet.

In order to be outputting interesting and fresh ideas, your designer must make sure to be constantly in an inspired state. It is part of a designers job to find new ways to do things, new looks, new colors and pictures, new functions, etc. There are several websites, tools, and apps that inspire designers every day, but it is also important to be inspired by the world around them.

Inspiration at your Fingertips

A computer is full of inspiring new ideas. There are portfolios to pour through, catalogs to surf, and endless galleries of incredible new techniques. Some of the most popular means of inspiration come from the websites pinterest, imgur, and reddit. These websites are community based and allow users to post their work and share them with the world. Spending 30 minutes on one of these websites will fill your head with all kinds of new approaches.

With this kind of convenience also comes a large risk of bad ideas. Anyone is able to post their examples within seconds, which dilutes the website with ametuer content. Being able to filter out the poor examples from the professional, balanced web designs is a skill in its own. This will make a designer’s search for good examples harder.

Inspiration Throughout

Looking up while a designer explores the world can have a marvelous effect on their work. In the city one finds columns, doorways, benches, windows, buses, and all kinds of things that are well designed. They may find a set of stairs that inspires a pattern or block of text in their next layout. They may also be inspired by the crown molding and use strong borders on your next design. A couple of steps outside the city and trees, bushes, waterfalls, fields, and flowers will teach designers a more organic approach to their work. The way that nature layers color, intertwines elements, and breaks borders can open your eyes to things you wouldn’t have considered when merely scrolling through pictures of other people’s art.

Putting it all Together

To be fully inspired, your web designer needs to do a little of everything. Fifteen minutes a day looking through their favorite online channels will keep their head full of fresh ideas. Spending a couple hours each week exploring the city and getting out into nature will show all kinds of applications and combinations to try. After all is said and done, we can study the conversion percentages on your site through analytics and see if the designer made effective choices. Often times, consistent branding, new ideas, and engaging content will provide the user with intent to purchase. Web design is ever changing, so your designer must stay inspired in the office, in the city, and out in the wild.


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About the Author

Davis is a Web Designer at OMNI Online Solutions. Using his background in user experience research and design, he makes sure every site converts at the highest percentage possible.

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