As developers, it’s easy to get caught up in the motions when developing a great site. Staying true to a design, creating a responsive site, and triple checking functionality are only a few examples of the daily mind-maze we have to sift through before lunch.

It’s easy to get lost in the small details or get stuck looking at the big picture. The best tool any web developer can have isn’t downloaded or crafted in css, it’s the people who are equally as invested in the project as they are. This time of year is all about family, community, and those who know you best!

5 Things Web Developers Are Thankful For!

So in the spirit of thanksgiving, here are five things web developers are thankful for!

1. A Brilliant Web Designer

It’s not enough to be handed a design and expected to create this masterful site. Having a great designer, who creates with you not for you, is one of the best tools in the modern developers toolbox.

Design is not only about being creative, but incorporating the best development and design practices. Our web designer’s mantra is, “Your site is as only good as it’s weakest part.” Cover your bases and your creative minds can create some great work!

2.A Great Brand Specialist

The inevitable truth: things will get lost. Information will get forgotten. Sticky notes will suddenly disappear, and that edit you said you wouldn’t forget gets deleted as soon as you walk away.

Your brand specialist is your life-line to every client. Having a great one is an invaluable tool that any developer will agree is someone to be thankful for!

3. A Spot-on SEO Specialist

So you created a drop-dead gorgeous site. Now what? SEO specialists are the secret agents of any team. They find those hidden gems that are SEO keywords and make a site reachable to your audience. It’s not enough to make a great site, you need to bring that site to your audience. So SEO you rock!

4. A Rockstar Content Specialist

Who do you know that can write the same sentence a million different ways and make it amazing each time? Your resident rockstar, content specialist. Sites need to be dynamic in design, development and creative content that engages your viewers!

5. A Strong Team of Developers

Sites are always evolving, and one web developer alone can’t catch all that information. Having a great community of website developers is a great way to stay on trend with the newest developments while creating a creative environment that can only make your sites better! Each developer has their strengths and playing off of those strengths only enhances each developer’s skills. Keep calm and develop on!

Strong Website Development Comes From A Team of Internet Marketing Specialists

The list of elements that go into a site can go on and on, but the most important element is the strong team behind each site. Each individual is uniquely great at what they do, but together they can build beyond what a single person could have imagined. Being thankful takes no effort, but brings the most result!

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