The website you had built back in 2010 maybe have looked and functioned great back then, but the web has dramatically changed since then. Platforms have evolved and many new technologies have been introduced.

Bring Your Website to Today’s Standards

In a time where website trends change every six months and new security loopholes are found every day, having a well maintained website has never been more important. There are many things to look into when updating your website, and we’ll be going over 3 of the most important.

1. Security

It may not be the most interesting point, but it’s certainly one of the most important. Websites are being hacked on a daily basis. While some are taken care of quickly, others can be exploited for several months. This could potentially lead to your website being used for spamming or advertising things you wouldn’t necessarily want to advertise on your website.

The last thing you want as a business owner is having a hacker getting ahold of your visitors’ sensitive information. Every day, new loopholes are found and taken care of, which is why it is important to make sure your website coding is constantly updated with the best practices.

2. Mobile Experience

Today’s website trends may not necessarily be the trends of tomorrow. Websites are quite different now than they were a few years ago. With the advancement of technology, the likelihood that your website will be used on a desktop computer is falling, while mobile devices and tablets are rising.

It is important that your website not only looks good on all desktop and mobile devices, but it works well, too. The most basic factors, such as screen resolution and navigation, differ on each device. If your website is not optimized for these devices, there is a strong possibility that you could be losing out on many potential clients.

Visitors no longer want to wait ten seconds for an unresponsive home page to load. Having your website updated constantly to look great across all devices will not only increase your Google ranking, but your visitors’ satisfaction as well.

3. Latest Technologies

Unless you’re a web expert, it’s hard to know if your website has the latest advancements. If you don’t take the time to check out the latest updates and trends in the web world, your website will always be one step behind the competition.

Today, the best websites will have animations, short videos, and colorful content to engage visitors. Websites are moving away from Flash and are switching to HTML5, which allows users to view engaging content with no effort.

Technologies such as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), a Google and Twitter project, will soon become a standard for websites looking to dominate the mobile web.

Why You Must Update Today

Updating your website will not only draw attention from regular visitors, but search engines as well. Many companies are losing out on potential business because they have not yet implemented these practices. It is important to remember that your site will need routine updates to keep up with your competition and the ever-evolving world wide web.


About the Author

Hamlet Avetisian is a Web Developer at OMNI Online Solutions. Working closely with his team, he ensures that every website uses the industry’s best practices in design, development, and security. He is always looking for ways to improve user experience for clients at OMNI.

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