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We’re the internet marketing company you’ve been looking for.

Nope, we’re not clairvoyants. We’re just really good at SEO and we know what you Google searched and we know that’s how you found us. So we know what you’re looking for. See? But that’s not creepy—it’s just us being incredibly honest about our SEO strategy, and in a way, demonstrating one of the many things we can do for your brand.

Welcome to OMNI. We can do what it takes to make your brand stand out (and not just by being on the first page of Google—but we can definitely do that, too).

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We’re more than a digital agency in El Paso.

In fact, we’re not even technically in El Paso. Untechnically, we totally are. Because we can be anywhere (and we are everywhere). We’ve got clients all over Texas and the entire US, and we have great relationships with them. Because we treat our clients as partners, and we’re dedicated to creating inspired solutions with them. Sound like something your company in El Paso (or maybe your few companies in Paso del Norte) needs? Let’s chat.

Our Capabilities


New brand or old, industry superstar or tech startup, we can do the branding (or rebranding). We get excited about figuring out what makes your brand tick, and we can find it with laser-like precision. Then, we get even more excited about using that brand identity we’ve found to inform everything else we do for your brand. It’s pretty fun. Come see?


Ah, our UI/UX department. We like them a lot because they make sure that everything we do for a company is informed by a great user experience. They’re always a good reality check—reminding us that everything we do is for the user (and they’re also really good at yoga and roller derby, but that’s just a fun fact bonus and only sometimes influences their work).

Our Capabilities

Digital Advertising

Our digital advertising is informed by creative strategy and backed by data. We put a lot of back work into our ads to make sure that they reach the right people at the right times. Because what’s the point of a great campaign if the right people don’t see it?


If we haven’t mentioned, we’re really good at SEO. We got you this far, didn’t we? Just imagine how far we can take your company (spoiler: in Google rankings alone, it’s really really far [like...first page of Google far]). While we can’t give away our SEO secrets, we can give you a little demo on how it’s done.


We create content that sparks conversations—on social media, of course (the only conversations that matter, duh). We’re also keen on building social communities, because when it comes down to it, strong communities are the ones that like, comment, and share.


If a campaign needs it, we’ll do it. That means that we sometimes have to get a little experimental and experiential with our campaigns. We can do everything from wild postings to larger-than-life activations to anything else we think of—or anything else you think of. Really. Try us.

Still not really sure what we do at OMNI?

It’s okay. That tends to happen when you take an industry that changes on the daily and throw in a company that can change with it.

TL;DR – We do what it takes to do good work no matter what our playground looks like.

Let's figure this out together