Los Angeles

That’s right. We’re not them.

We’re not an ad agency. We make great things for great clients, and sometimes that involves branding and sometimes it involves ad placements, but at the end of the day we’re just good old fashioned partners to clients that want the same things we want: good work.

We’re OMNI. We’re technically located in Los Angeles, just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean. But (as we subtly hint with a name that means “of all things, ways, or places”) we’re actually anywhere and everywhere.

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We do some digital agency things in Los Angeles.

And other things, too. If you want to read about them, we write a lot, so scroll your heart out. If you want to come see what we do, that’s cool too. We’ll walk you through some past projects, but most importantly, we’ll take you on a little journey to show you what we can do to solve your problem (we get unnaturally excited about problems that need to be solved). So come see us in LA. All you have to do is follow the red lights littering the 405 all the way down to the South Bay. You’ll take one of the long winding exits and sit on Hawthorne forever. Once you’ve gotten yourself turned around and lost in the 5th largest mall in America, you’re real close. If that sounds too confusing, you can always pop open your laptop and join us virtually. That works too.

Our Capabilities


We get to the heart of a brand by starting with some lofty “what if?”’s From there, we zoom in to define and develop, create and challenge. By the time we’re done, we’ve turned your brand over and over in our hands and minds so many times that we know it and love it like it’s our own. Whether it’s a baby company or a big rebrand, we attack with focus and excitement and uncover a delicate little truth that’ll carry you (and us with you) all the way.


We get real serious when we talk about UI/UX. Mostly because it’s become a phrase too casually thrown around at craft breweries and indie concerts. Our UI/UX guys and gals are obsessive about creating the sickest or greatest or most logical or whatever-is-best-for-the-user user experiences. The fact that you’re reading this is our bit #136 of proof.

Our Capabilities

Digital Advertising

Throwing the coolest party on the block doesn’t really matter much if the block doesn’t know about it. That’s what we keep in mind when we’re creating digital campaigns. Whatever party you’re throwing, we make sure people know about it. And hey, sometimes we’ll even throw the party for you, too.


Good old search engine optimization. Not that we’d ever outright brag, but we’re REALLY good at SEO. Why do you think you’re reading this 500+ word page? We know what’s good when it comes to getting your message to the right people (or to the right page [of Google]). Click around if you don’t believe us.


We see social as a big conversation that your brand needs to be part of. If it’s not part of the convo, it needs to create it. We care about communities more than platforms—likes, comments, and shares are a natural byproduct of a solidly growing community.


Remember that party we talked about up there? Well. There are a lot of ways to get people to that party, and sometimes it’s kinda out there. And sometimes really super out there. And sometimes just out-of-home experiential. Whatever it takes. We’ll get experimental and experiential. There’s really nothing we won’t try. Come and test us.

Still not really sure what we do at OMNI?

It’s okay. That tends to happen when you take an industry that changes on the daily and throw in a company that can change with it.

TL;DR – We do what it takes to do good work no matter what our playground looks like.

Let's figure this out together