Yes. We’re Not Them.

You’ve probably heard other agencies say that before. But we really mean it— we’re not just an internet marketing company. That’s why we’re called OMNI—because we’re anything and everything.

We do whatever it takes to create exceptional work. Sometimes that means we use our best strategies and techniques. Sometimes it requires us to do something that’s never been done before. More often than not, that means you’ll have to step out of your comfort zone (but don’t worry—we’ll be with you every step of the way). The only thing it really never means is being just like the rest.

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A digital agency for your business in Omaha

To get to OMNI, hop on the Christopher Columbus Highway in Omaha and drive past the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. Take the exit onto 13th Street and head toward the old market district. Stop into Urban Abbey and ask for their Wi-Fi password. Then shoot us an email or hop onto to Skype with us. We’re virtually anywhere.

Our Capabilities


Before we (or you) do anything, we need to dissect your brand DNA. We need to find out exactly what it is that makes your brand, your brand. Once we know that, we’ll spend a few hours (or more likely a few days and nights) on the drawing board developing, writing, and designing your brand’s voice, tone, and image. And when we reveal your brand to you, you’ll see exactly how your business will go from startup to industry leader.


When we say UI/UX, we’re not just saying a bunch of jumbled letters to make us sound smart. We’re talking about creating user experiences. Experiences across all platforms—apps, websites, and products—that give the users the best experience with your brand because, at the end of the day, it’s your customers that matter most.

Our Capabilities

Digital Advertising

When you throw a party, you want as many people as possible to get the invite (or at least that’s our motto). And that’s not much different than our motto for creating digital campaigns, which is to target all of the right people at the right times to get them to your brand’s party. We’ll make fun, engaging, and viral campaigns so your brand has the party of the year.


No matter how big or small your brand is, we can all agree that getting on of the coveted spots on the first page of Google searches is pretty important—because let's be honest, who ever looks at page two, three, or four? We’re pretty good at getting your brand on the first page of the searches that matter most, so people can find your business (just like how you found ours).


We like to think of ourselves as social butterflies. We know exactly what needs to be said on which platforms in what ways using certain hashtags, geotags, and all those other tags that will build a community around your brand. When your brand has a social community, your word of mouth marketing never ends.


Sometimes the best way to connect with your brand’s audience is to disconnect from the internet and get in front of them, face to face. It’s groundbreaking—we know. We’ll create an out-of-home experience that gets new and loyal customers excited about your brand. That might include VR, AR, or just some good old fashion R.

Still not really sure what we do at OMNI?

It’s okay. That tends to happen when you take an industry that changes on the daily and throw in a company that can change with it.

TL;DR – We do what it takes to do good work no matter what our playground looks like.

Let's figure this out together