We’re OMNI. We’re everything your business in Orlando needs.

But seriously, we are. That’s why we just came up in your searches for internet marketing in Orlando. Google knows we’re exactly that. Well, okay, so not exactly. We’re located in Los Angeles, but not Orlando. But with Wi-Fi, we can be anywhere. And we don’t just do internet marketing—we do much more than that. And that’s probably why Google sent you to us. Sure, we showed up on the first page of search for internet marketing, but we do a lot of other things that Google thought your business in Orlando could use.

We do anything and everything for brands that do anything, anywhere (because we can also be anywhere and everywhere thanks to modern technology). So whatever you need, we’ll make it happen.

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A digital agency for your business in Orlando

Ready to talk? Sweet. Stop by Disney World for us and snag a selfie with Mickey. Then get on the FL-536 to the 417 and make your way to the Orlando International Airport. Locate the ticket desk, and purchase the next available flight to Los Angeles. Or you could just click the contact us button below and give us a call or shoot us an email. Choice is yours.

Our Capabilities


Before we go crazy with conceptualizing campaigns or building your app or website, we go crazy designing dozens of versions of your logo and rewriting and rewriting your brand's voice and tone. That way, we can position your brand to appeal to all of the right people.


It might just be four letters and a slash, but this is a pretty important component of OMNI. We spend a lot of time designing the best user experience and interface for your users for your app, website, and products. Because your customers are pretty important—don’t you think?

Our Capabilities

Digital Advertising

We spend a lot of time targeting the right people at the right times with the right campaign so that your business succeeds. Because when you succeed, we succeed. So it’s pretty important to us that we get that right.


We work with a lot of startups, and it's pretty hard to become an industry superstar if your customers can’t find you. Which is why we use strategic SEO to get your business ranked on the first page of Google’s search.


We’re all about emojis, hashtags, and filters. But not like other millennials. We like pairing strategy with emojis, putting purpose behind the hashtag, and generating drool-worthy content with the right filters. Because anyone can put some words and hashtags together, but not everyone goes #Viral.


We don’t like being stuck in the office all day. That’s why we love building out-of-home experiences. We’ll bring your brand experience right to the people on the street. Maybe we’ll use VR or AR or lots and lots of ice cream—if that’s relevant to your brand.

Still not really sure what we do at OMNI?

It’s okay. That tends to happen when you take an industry that changes on the daily and throw in a company that can change with it.

TL;DR – We do what it takes to do good work no matter what our playground looks like.

Let's figure this out together