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We’re OMNI, and we’re everything you’ve been searching for.

Seriously. I mean we did just pop up when you searched for internet marketing companies in Salt Lake City, didn’t we? That’s because Google knows we’re exactly that. So maybe not exactly.

We aren’t located in Salt Lake City, but thanks to cell phones, Skype, email, and planes, we can still be connected even if your business is in Salt Lake City and we’re in Los Angeles. And we aren’t just an internet marketing company. We do a lot more than that.

So even though that’s what you were searching for, Google knew we’d be a perfect fit for your business. Whatever it is that your business in Salt Lake City needs, we will be able to do it for you. That’s because we’re a team of curious individuals who are always looking for what’s next.

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A digital agency for your business in Salt Lake City

Ready to talk? Whether your business is located in the tech hub of Cotton Heights, or in the heart of Salt Lake City, make your way to I-215 North and make your way to the Salt Lake City International Airport. Find the ticket booth and purchase the next available flight to Los Angeles. Or simply click contact us below and drop us a line. Whatever you’re up for.

Our Capabilities


First things first. We build a solid foundation for your brand before doing anything else. We’ll uncover your truth, craft a look and feel, and position your brand in strategic channels so whatever we end up doing together is successful.


We don’t just make things for the sake of making them. We create visually striking and thoughtfully executed digital journeys that make your brand platform both easy and enjoyable for the consumer.

Our Capabilities

Digital Advertising

You wouldn’t throw a party without inviting all of your friends. The same thing is true for your brand. You don’t want your business to go unnoticed, so we create emotion-driven campaigns that target the right people at the right time.


We have some insane SEO skills and we can prove it because that’s how you found this page. We’ll transform your brand from startup to industry superstar by targeting your audience on Google and driving traffic to your site. That way you have the exposure and customers you need in order to grow.


Everyday we are confronted with new apps, hashtags, and Snapchat filters that we need to be using, and sometimes it can be overwhelming. That’s why we hired people who loved being connected and can conceptualize the best strategy for your brand.


We’re a diverse group with one thing in common: our curiosity. We love trying new things, finding new things, and doing new things. So wherever the trends take us, we hop on board so that your business can offer the best experiences for your consumers. That might be VR or AR or some good old fashion real reality (on-street activations). We can do it all.

Still not really sure what we do at OMNI?

It’s okay. That tends to happen when you take an industry that changes on the daily and throw in a company that can change with it.

TL;DR – We do what it takes to do good work no matter what our playground looks like.

Let's figure this out together